Assorted Colours —The Anderson Council @DawnofMercy @PsychPowerPop

Assorted Colors is a compilation of tracks selected from the first three albums by The Anderson Council, but it also includes four new songs. You can listen to the whole album on SoundCloud and then go buy the CD.

Bob Makin explains the group’s name in his album review:

Fans of early Pink Floyd, early Who, Cream, “Sgt. Pepper”/“Revolver” Beatles and other British Invasion rock bands will get a kick out of this anthology of New Brunswick-based The Anderson Council, right down to faux English accents. Featuring four new tracks splattered among the best of three previous releases, [this album, which is named] “Assorted Colors” takes its title from [one of the selections included on it as track #4, called] “Pinkerton’s Assorted Colors,” a fun, energetic art rocker from the [band’s] 2006 release, “The Fall Parade.” The [song title is a] nod to [the band] Pinkerton’s Assorted Colors, an obscure British one-hit wonder from the mid-’60s, [and the song itself] also sounds like a blend of Floyd’s “See Emily Play,” The Who’s “Can’t Explain” and The Beatles’ “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite.”

Speaking of names, The Anderson Council derived theirs from the same bluesmen who inspired Pink Floyd: Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Given such allusions, it’s not surprising that “Assorted Colors” isn’t very original, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable, especially a contagious passion and an array of tight, intricate harmonies. It’s kind of like a tribute to a time when pop music was very artistic before the record industry got fat, rich, and lazy, then conglomerated and virtually obsolete.

Check out the rest of his fine review, in which Makin singles out some of the best tracks on the release: “Girl on the Northern Line” (written by the amazingly talented Dawn Eden) and also my other favorite track on the album, “We’re Like the Sun”. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!


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