Lobate Scarp – Last Few Days to Pledge for the New Album

Lobate Scarp have only a few more days to reach their goal of $36,090 for the Kickstarter for their new album, You Have it All. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, the band only gets the money if the goal is met or exceeded. If the goal is not met by August 8, 2016, the band gets nothing.

If their latest song, “Beautiful Light,” as well as their first album, Time and Space, are anything to go off of, You Have it All may very well be one of the best albums of 2016. However, this can only happen if they meet their Kickstarter goal: LSalbum2.com.

Check out the lyric video for “Beautiful Light.” It is a fantastic song, very much in the vein of Big Big Train, The Tangent, and Yes.

The band writes on the upcoming album,

You Have It All is centered on the 15+ minute title track. It’s a strong, uplifting piece made up of several parts. The album will consist of 7-8 tracks totaling to about an hour in length. It will contain some powerful tracks such as “Conduit” our first instrumental piece, and “Nothing Wrong”, an anthem of individuality and freedom. In the mix will be some prog-ballads such as our new single “Beautiful Light” and a story of love-lost-but-found-once-more in “And We Tried”. The final track will be the grandiose 9-minute “Flowing With the Change”, which deals with acceptance of the past and looking into the future with exciting possibilities.

For all prog fans out there, Lobate Scarp is a band not to be missed. Please consider pledging your support for their upcoming album – they have whole levels of goodies available for people who pledge their support. The prog world needs innovative bands like Lobate Scarp to keep the genre going, and that can only happen when the fans support the music.


Check out this video for more info on the album campaign:



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