Sarah Ewing, Prog Artist

Featured Image -- 24884
BBT’s Folkore; Art by Sarah Ewing.

I’ve been thinking alot about BBT today and going through my CD and blu-ray collection of their albums.  I must admit, all of the art BBT commissions and inspires is pretty amazing (do the Brits use “pretty” as a modifier, or is this an Americanism?).

I have an original Jim Trainor hanging in my college office, after all.  I’m rather taken with it.

Looking at Sarah Ewing’s cover for FOLKLORE today, I found my way to her official website.  I found myself gazing in dazed amazement.  What an eye and imagination she has.

If you have a few moments, treat yourself and fall head over heels into her world.  It’s quite glorious.  So much so that it took me a bit to come to my world.  Thank you, Sarah.  What a treat.



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