Review: Dusks Embrace – ReAwakening


Now I’ll go on a limb here and tell that Salem, Oregon quartet Dusks Embrace are innovators. Their upcoming studio record titled “ReAwakening” represents somewhat a creative renewal for the band, and brings the sound that (possibly) you didn’t hear before. How come you ask? Most of time on “ReAwakening” this band explores within the progressive rock genre, but what makes it unique is addition of the doom element to the mix.

There is certainly something ethereal in the music of this fine band. Be it singer’s Aldo Carlissian’s voice, or guitarist’s Josh Brewer’s spacey soundscapes, the atmosphere throughout “ReAwakening” is unique. The beauty of this album lies in its brilliant blend of styles, which are infused with tranquil passages and superb melodies. It is that rare album that challenges, yet never bores, and never falls into the trap of purposeless instrumental excursions.

In other words, the song remains the central focus. In many ways it is the album’s quintessence, beginning as an epic prog rocker and morphing into the type of scintillating melody that brings to mind the first-rate tunefulness of acts like Anathema.

Beyond the individual tracks though is a cohesive, multi-part prog symphony that variously hits hard with robust riffing, eases into sections of lush, keyboard-created atmospheres, and benefits from the vocal dexterity of Carlissian, which is bolstered by serene harmony vocals. By the time you have reached the final two songs, “Winter’s Epitaph” and the title track, you will not even think about distinctions made between instrumental pieces or vocal melodies. The feeling instead is one of immersion in the album’s seamless mix of sonic might and sparkling beauty. Impressive.

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