Review: Mezzanine Floor – Architecture Of Aeons


Mezzanine Floor is a South African band that has been active since 2010. They released their debut album this past September, bringing a mix of a catchy progressive metal and hard/alternative rock sound which circles around melodeath in some parts, then turns back again where it takes its roots. The album is called “Architecture Of Aeons” and it includes 11 songs. Both lyrically and musically the album is built around emotional fields covered with anger.

“Architecture Of Aeons” knows how to satisfy one’s ears. Great guitar melodies, mostly brutal vocals in a combination with cleans, lots of “anger” that helps in expressing the song vibes. This album is a great familiar tune from the very known and loved bands such as In Flames, Mastodon, Tool, and Children of Bodom.

“Architecture Of Aeons” is an interesting take on the mentioned genres; technically it is very professionally built. Hopefully we won’t wait too long for its follow-up. A must-listen of the year.

Get a copy of “Architecture Of Aeons” here.

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