Ayreon Specials

All 9000 tickets for the Ayreon Universe shows have sold out within 48H!

Here’s a special message from a very thankful Arjen.

And now for another shameless commercial plug: Mascot is having their annual holiday sale right now!

20% discount on all Ayreon items (except bundles), including the Deluxe Vinyl Editions** of The Final Experiment and Actual Fantasy Revisited, and… pre-orders for the new CD re-issues (to be released in 2017)!

Use code MASCOT2016 in the EU/WWW shop: www.mascotlabelgroup.com/ayreon/holiday-sale
Use code USMASCOT2016 in the US/CAN shop: usa.mascotlabelgroup.com/ayreon/holiday-sale

** Disclaimer: The Deluxe vinyl is only available in the EU/WWW shop.


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