Review: Merkaba – Merkaba EP


Louis Goodwin aka Merkaba is a member of the growing one man instrumental progressive metal movement. Merkaba is a new project considering that it started back in June this year, and in such a short time Goodwin managed to write a self-titled EP which consist of nine songs and which brings a mix of electronica and djent / progressive metal. Goodwin sets himself apart by focusing on atmosphere rather than the intricate virtuosity of similar artists. The music utilizes relatively straightforward “djent” rhythms mixed with sustained synths and delayed clean guitars all dripping with reverb. The beauty of the layers is undeniable, with little to no dissonance to be found.

“Merkaba” definitely succeeds in what it was trying to do. The EP greatly benefits from more emphasis on clean delayed guitar sections that give the music a nice dynamic range. This is a record whose tracks slowing and steady grow until they burst with emotion yet always make sure to keep a super chill vibe. The songs aren’t in a hurry, and instead let you soak in the atmosphere and emotion of a truly chill, yet much more than ambient, experience. It has such a wonderful vibe about it, like profound discovery and the mystery and beauty of the universe. It’s great music to let your imagination run wild.

Listen to “Merkaba” on Bandcamp here.


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