Review: To Die Elsewhere – Whispers


To Die Elsewhere is a metal band hailing from Salem, Oregon. The group set out to craft a very honest, direct and personal sound through the use of compelling melodies, aggressive riffs and thundering rhythm sections.

The music featured within their recent release Whispers, is a powerful blend of heavy sounds and gritty textures that blur the lines between Djent, Metalcore and progressive music with an aggressive edge. The stunning artwork designed by Taylor Bates (New Melody Art Design) does a great job at offering a visual interpretation of the sound of the band. Dark and faded, with glimmers of light and a very impressive natural geometry that adds some sophistication to the sound of the band.

The album features 13 explosive tracks that are ablaze with fire and energy, from opening tune “Day I” up to the album’s closing composition, the self-titled tune on the record. “Mask of a Judge” is probably one of my favorite songs on this release, with a really explosive drum intro that dives into some of the most powerful and expressive riffs featured on the entire release. Another track worth mentioning would definitely be “Unfinished”, which begins with a really cool drum groove, to burst into a very heavy sonic assault. These Oregon musicians set out to create a very cohesive album, with songs that stand out on their own, as well as in their “pack” ensemble.

Listen to the album on Bandcamp.

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