Russell Clarke: State of Prog

One of our beloved friends and progarchists, Russell Clarke, posted this as a comment, but it deserves to be its own post, separate but equal!  Nothing RC writes is unimportant.–ed.


From our friends at PROG

The funding campaign has now passed the UKP60,000 mark. The community is pulling together for something that they believe in.

In the immortal words of Joni Mitchell, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, and that may have been the wake-up call for a lot of people (myself included.) There are others that have been long-time supporters and subscribers. I haven’t been so I fall into the former camp, but I am still happy to donate to the people who put in the hard yards to make this a vibrant community. Regardless of the reasons it’s still great to see people rallying around those who put themselves out there to create such an amazing bunch of people.

Having said that, there’s currently plenty of “How dare you donate to this cause when my pet cause is more important?” on display.

Also, there’s the even more ridiculous “How dare you donate to this cause when I need the money more?”

In response to both, I have two words, neither of which are printable here.

Nobody tells me what causes I must support. The moment they do, it’s called a tax, and I pay enough of that already.

And I’m pretty sure the prog scene wouldn’t be what it is without the contribution of people like Jerry Ewing. Kudos to you mate!

We need to rock on, make our own mark, and ensure that us, as Progarchists and readers thereof, are constantly spreading the word about our amazing genre. If Prog Mag is to be absent I will redouble my albeit paltry efforts to publicise our muse.

No, not Muse. I hate them.

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