Merry Christmas Weirdness

warblings_front_500Every year, Andy Cirzan – the Dr. Demento of obscure holiday music – releases a mix of songs from his vast collection. This year’s is Warblings From The Enchanted Forest, and it has to be heard to be believed. Joanie Sommers’ “The Peppermint Engineer” is a bizarre psychedelic children’s song, while Jimmie Dale and the Jimmy’s “Kangi – The Kangaroo  (His Xmas Hula Hoop)” unashamedly rips off “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. Thankfully, it never achieved the popularity Rudolph did.

You can listen to Andy talk about Warblings on this episode of Sound Opinions, and you can download the entire album here. It’s free but only for a limited time.

Merry Christmas, everybody!



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