A Partridge & Some Monkees…in a Prog Tree??

Good Times! (The Monkees) (Front Cover).jpg  Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses

As December 31st draws closer and the days to add my own “Top Ten” or “Favorites of 2016” dwindle…it’s time for something completely different (well, not totally, as our hero Dr. B routinely extols, and properly so, the merits of Tears for Fears, XTC, and other notable artists on the “fringe” of prog).

I don’t know about most of you but I still listen to CDs the majority of the time and love having a disc in my car as I drive around–especially summer.  I routinely have my one “Summer Album” that is on constant drive-time rotation.  And though the album is usually prog, this past summer of 2016 my cherished moving music was the splendid album GOOD TIMES.  I highly recommend this work for its pure fun.  Those who were pre-teens when the Monkees hit their peak know what I mean.  The reason for this particular post on Progarchy is to make a tie-in to Brad’s love of the great Andy Partridge.  Mr. Partridge pens the albums second track “You Bring the Summer.”  Micky sings and it’s 1966 all over again.  And check out this wonderful video.  Not prog, sure…but c’mon.

Mellotron set to 11


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