Review: As A Conceit – Frown Upon Us


Ten songs on a debut album by Italian metallers As A Conceit, will give you exactly 40 minutes of something that is brutal, complex, heavy, noise and hardcore with a slice of melody. Imagine The Dillinger Escape Plan with peaces of less complex stuff but more melodic metal parts and you got As A Conceit.

I don’t know how to describe this kind of music but I can imagine where the term/genre ‘noise’ made its entrance. I can also understand that a lot of people can’t take this longer than one minute. But I still wouldn’t describe it as noise. They use these melodic, ‘listenable’ parts in it. That just give you the few, but very needed seconds, to take a breath and protect you from mental damage.

Still, I’d rather see the balance between the melodic metal parts and the brutal noisy complex parts a bit different. Yes, it’s very impressive that they can play it this tight and well controlled. I also think that it’s great to play. But the fact that it takes this much energy to listen to it. A bit less complex would be great, but hey, isn’t that just a matter of taste…


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