Firth of Fifth Friday

In my recent “Best of 2016” Prog albums I gave an “honorable mention” to one Gustavo Santhiago for his instrumental endeavor Animam.”   I called it “stunningly beautiful” because that’s exactly what it is. You can read more about this 17-year old (I know? right?) Brazilian composer at his own website:  but I wanted to post this clip of his playing ‘Firth of Fifth.’

Mellotron set to 11


One thought on “Firth of Fifth Friday

  1. captainned

    Thank you. Genesis brought me to prog and I shall never leave Genesis. As much as I adore the Lamb and Supper’s Ready, Firth of Fifth will always be, to me, the ultimate Genesis tune. Now to scurry into my ROIO collection to find the last time Tony played it on stage. It mus be somewhere in the late ’70s before his total fear of the tinest error stopped him from playing it any more.

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