5 thoughts on “Big Big Train Release Trailer for New Album, “Grimspound”

    1. Bryan Morey

      It is on the “cover page” to their website. For the last year or so, their website has had a page with a youtube video and links to merch, along with a link that says “Enter site.” They updated the YouTube video yesterday to this. I’ve been very surprised at the complete lack of coverage it has gotten.

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      1. I’ve been thinking about writing a short piece on this. . . but, it’s not just BBT. It seems as though almost every British act has given up trying to advertise and distribute (easily) in North America. It’s extremely frustrating.

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      2. Bryan Morey

        Ya, it certainly is frustrating. I thought about pre-ordering the re-issues of Haken’s first two albums (even though I have the original CDs), but they weren’t available in the US other than on iTunes. I found that quite lame.

        We aren’t the only site that seems to be getting the cold shoulder from labels/bands, though. It seems to be traveling around the review websites. So much love (well deserved, I’ll admit) for Prog mag, yet everyone forgets about all the sites that write reviews and articles for FREE. Very odd.



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