Happy 32nd Birthday, The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club, Hughes’s masterpiece.  Released February 15, 1985.

It might not be the finest movie ever made, but it is certainly the best movie ever made about my generation.  Thank you, John Hughes.  May you be enjoying your great Vacation in the sky!

One of the most unsung and nearly forgotten cultural critics of the last two decades of the twentieth century was John Hughes. Born in 1950, he died of a heart attack just five years ago, at the young age of 59. Raised in Michigan and Illinois, Hughes began his career writing jokes for nationally famous comedians as well as for National Lampoon. For nearly every person of my age group and generation (ca. age 46), he defined the 1980s. Indeed, he’s as much a part of my memory of that decade as is Ronald Reagan, Rush, and Blade Runner. A friend of P.J. O’Rourke, with whom he wrote but never produced a film script entitled The History of Ohio from the Beginning of Time to the End of the Universe, Hughes successfully captured the contempt that teenagers in the 1980s had for unearned and undeserved authority.

To keep reading, please go here: http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/2014/02/genius-john-hughes.html

3 thoughts on “Happy 32nd Birthday, The Breakfast Club

    1. LOL. Now how did You KNOW…………I’d be commenting on THIS particular post??? Haha…………but Yes………..I was just a mere “freshman” when this movie came out!!! Haha. But YES,I absolutely was an “80’s” child and practically KNOW EVERY SINGLE John Hughes movie,line for line!!! Lol. 😉

      To answer YOUR “personalized” question on here Brad…………Honestly??? YES,absolutely!!! That 100% IS my OWN Eyeball that I took a picture of in a “selfie” years ago!!! (not sure WHAT everyone called “selfies” back then,before someone invented that term!?!?) Lol.

      Also,I’ve always loved the fact,that was my profile-pic on here,simply because I only LET people “see” what I WANT them to see about me on here!!! Hence,the rather “dramatic” profile-pic!!! Lol. Now,does that mean I make stuff up about my personality? About my likes/dislikes? Does that mean,that I MAY be more tempted to become a serial-killer because I “hide” things about myself to the general-public? Haha,Nope…………NOT at ALL!!! My Point in describing WHY my profile pic is only a single eyeball………….is in this technologically,ever-changing world in which we live………to find out ANYTHING about ANYONE on this planet,all it really takes,is a few keystrokes and You can basically have someone’s entire LIFE show up on your screen!!! So knowing this……..I tend to throw “caution” to the wind while writing anything for the internet-world to see,by limiting my own personal-opinions and preferences on here!!! (And OH BOY,do I wish MOST of GOVERNMENT would do this exact same THING right now!!! Lol.) But does that alter what I’m truly thinking and feeling when I write something on here? Absolutely not!!! Until the Freedom of Speech is hereby taken away from ALL of us,You’ll see me speaking frankly and honestly,PERIOD!!!

      Anyway………….with THAT being said,each day I wake up,I don’t REALLY feel that much older than the day before……………..UNTIL I’m somehow reminded of it,by seeing a great high-school movie I LOVED back then,is now turning 32……………..Haha……….That Rush’s “Moving-Pictures” recently turned 35yrs. old…………Well……….the best I can do,is simply keep my mind straight on what YEAR this is,and to truly APPRECIATE the days gone by,like most older gentemen tend to do!!! Most of all,being Proud of living in the 80’s and being “influenced” by music,by movies,by “styles”.etc. Since I’ve been alive,no other generation has consistently pushed societies boundaries,the way the “80’s” decade has!!! Haha ~Peace~



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