40th Anniversary of First Peter Gabriel Solo

This today from Peter Gabriel himself:


Today marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Peter’s first solo album.

“This record was my first step as a solo artist, the first step away from being a part of a band. I was uncertain of what I could or couldn’t do so went with some of Bob Ezrin’s choice of musicians (including Tony Levin) and invited Robert Fripp and Larry Fast to cover my more soundscape orientated / European ambitions. Although it was mainly recorded in a snowy couple of weeks in Toronto I remember the sessions as fast, exciting and hot. Many of the backing tracks were put down live, working to the limitations of the 16-track tape machine.

It was a fun, intense and scary session, with a great band – who later came out to tour with me.” Peter Gabriel, February 2017.

Following his departure from Genesis two years previously and his intervening, self-imposed, exile from the music business the album was the start of a new phase of Peter’s creative life, a chance to be the master of his own destiny and be respected as a songwriter and artist in his own right;

“It took me three albums to get the confidence and to find out what I could do that made me different from other people. And the first record really was a process of trying.“

To read the full release, go here: http://petergabriel.com/news/pg1-40th-anniversary/?utm_source=petergabriel.com&utm_campaign=8ae74ec46d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_02_22&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a92d0b9e66-8ae74ec46d-135531113&mc_cid=8ae74ec46d&mc_eid=46fc9f7e93

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