Marillion: OUT OF THE BOX

out of the box
3 Blu-ray Disks

I often believe that Marillion is as much a mood or a state of mind as it is a band. I try hard to keep up with band, but, frankly, it’s hard at times. The band does so much and so often that I sometimes realize months later that they’ve released this or that DVD, blu-ray, CD, or download. Clearly, this is a first-world problem, and it’s a joyous one.

Only about a month or so ago did I realize that the band had released a blu-ray set of its three nights playing in the Netherlands in March, 2015. One disk per night.

Disk one: “Waves and Numbers,” March 20, 2015
Disk two: “Marbles in the Park,” March 21, 2015
Disk three: “Singles Night,” March 22, 2015

A mood, a state of being. The essence of Marillion?

I have few regrets in life, even after 49 years, but I do regret that I have yet to see the band live. I hope the Good Lord grants me the time still to make this a reality.

A state of honesty and integrity. The essence of Marillion?

As I watch Marillion in blu-ray glory, I can’t help but witness what an incredible community these five men (and their crew and the audience) constitute. Tight is one way to describe the performance. A rather accruate description. But, this kind of tightness doesn’t come simply from time or experience–both of which are vitally important, of course. Rather, that tightness comes from mutual admiration. These guys clearly love one another, and this love radiates into everything and everyone around them.

Every once in a while, I still come across debates online regarding a label for Marillion. Prog? Pop? Prog-pop? Orchestral? Symphonic?

As I watch this glorious three-disk set, OUT OF THE BOX, I’m content to note that while Marillion is nothing if not art, artful, inspired, and inspiring, Marillion is . . .

simply . . .


One thought on “Marillion: OUT OF THE BOX

  1. Marillion has been many things over the years, progressive, rock, pop, alternative, world. As you said, at the end of the day they are simply Marillion. I have been a fan for a long time. I wish more bands released the kind of product for the fans that Marillion does.

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