Cygnus X1 on Geddy Lee and YES tonight

Amazing moment in rock history.  From Cygnus X1:

Ever since it was announced that the progressive rock band YES was to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, rumors abound regarding a possible involvement with the members of Rush, who are all self-proclaimed YES fans.

In January, the news many fans were waiting for arrived – both Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson would induct YES into the Hall. However as of that writing, there was no indication as to whether or not Geddy and/or Alex would actually perform during the evening’s festivities. Fast-forward a few weeks, and a huge story coming out of Billboard was published which all but confirmed that Geddy Lee would, in fact, be performing with YES. Less than a few hours after the story broke, Billboard posted a retraction indicating that Geddy Lee would NOT be performing.

To read the full article at CYGNUS, go here:

Photo taken from Cygnus X1.

Thanks to John at Cygnus and Brian Sullivan!

3 thoughts on “Cygnus X1 on Geddy Lee and YES tonight

  1. I know,Right??? WTF PEOPLE!!! Will he or WON’T he??? I guess THAT’S the question!?!? But OH MAN,……………having the Gedd-meister step in,to jam on a few YES songs??? Let the MAGIC BEGIN!!!

    Of course,there will be those who will immediately CHOOSE to compare Geddy to Chris Squires!?!? Well………… your breath on that one all of You,as nobody has any interest in that!!! Plain fact IS………….a True Legend (Geddy) playing with another True Legend (YES),should put the smiles on ANY KNOWN Proggers,PERIOD!!! Have a nice day!!! 🙂

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