FIELD RECORDINGS by The Fierce and the Dead

Short but mighty.  Out April 28 from BEM.

So, I fell in love with The Fierce and the Dead from the moment I saw online the image of their first proper recording, PART 1.  That was seven years ago.  The image of the lone tree standing in a field took me back not only to the actuality of my childhood in central Kansas, but it also took me back to the fantasy of my childhood in Tolkien’s The Shire.

As such, The Fierce and the Dead has always occupied that tenuous place in the prog world–something undeniably tangible and real mixed with something almost too good to be true.  Certainly, the wordless music of The Fierce and the Dead is analogous to my own inability to articulate fully how much joy this band brings me.

From that first image to the nearly nineteen minutes of prog heaven Part I gives us, I was hooked.  I had already had good luck (too good, perhaps!) in starting a conversation with Greg Spawton of Big Big Train, so, I thought, maybe I can do the same with Matt Stevens. And, so, it came to pass.

Now, a major fixture in the prog world, The Fierce and the Dead will soon (April 28) be releasing a relatively short but mighty live album, wonderfully entitled, FIELD RECORDINGS through BAD ELEPHANT MUSIC.

Only six songs in total–“Magnet in Your Face,” “Ark,” “Dancing Robots,” “Verbose,” “Palm Trees,” and “666.6”–the album rather stunningly captures the pure energy and imagination of the band in all of its very natural live glory.  Of the six tracks, two–“Dancing Robots” and “Verbose”–are new.  Imagine if Johnny Marr played King Crimson and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what The Fierce and the Dead can do.  Stunning stuff.  Glorious stuff.  The kind of music that not only makes me happy to be a progger, but proud to be alive in the second decade of the 21st century.

To preorder, please go to:


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