Wishing Tim Hall (Kaylr) the Best

Some of you might know that our great friend and prog ally, Tim Hall (aka Kaylr), is experiencing some serious health issues.  I’m sure he would very much appreciate our good thoughts and prayers.

On facebook, Jane Armstrong wrote that he is in Lister Ward at Royal Berks Hospital, Reading.

Our absolute best to you, Tim!

For those of you interested, please be sure to check out Tim’s website: http://www.kalyr.com/weblog/

One thought on “Wishing Tim Hall (Kaylr) the Best

  1. Although I’m unfamiliar with Tim’s work on here,I’m sending up “Smoke” for him (which is a Native-American tradition,in which one sends up “Smoke” for someone in need………both physically,and metaphorically…….as we Put our prayerful-thoughts IN the smoke that’s being sent up into the sky,where Creator receives it. 🙂 ) and wishing him the Best!!! ~Peace~



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