Yes fan offers free 50 year celebratory passes



Ruth Zurawka is offering a free celebratory Yes pass to anyone who emails her.

Posted today on “Yes Turns 50”, a Facebook group Zurawka administrates:

“Want a FREE celebratory 50 year YES pass? Email your postal address to Passes will be shipped starting sometime in May. No cord is included. When you get yours, take a photo of you with it, post your photo here and say where in the world you’re celebrating YES! Each pass is numbered. Let’s see how many we can get out there! (Bracelets will come out later in the year for those asking!) If you live out of the US, still send me your postal address. We’ll see how much shipping would be.”

In another post, Zurawka says: “YES turns 50 in 2018! We need to make some noise to make it an extra special year for our band! Let’s talk gatherings, celebrations and other ways to observe this quinquagenarian year!

As a hardcore Yes fan for 25 years, I’m very much looking forward to receiving my pass. I wonder if it will give you access to all of Yes’ shows during their 50th year (and Yes Featuring ARW too)!  A man can dream right?


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