Album Review: Big Big Train, “Grimspound”

The reviews are coming on nicely!


I first heard of Big Big Train when listening to a sampler CD that came with my prescription to Prog Magazine.  The song was “Judas Unrepentant” off of the soon to be released album, English Electric.  I was listening to it in my car and thought it sounded a fun song — I could tell that there was some story going although I couldn’t quite follow the details.  All I knew for sure I that somebody was charged with “conspiracy to defraaaaaaaud!”  The track was compelling enough that I played it again.  Then I played it again and had my friend in the passenger seat start writing down the lyrics.  We listened to it over and over until we had the words down, and by that point could sing along with the full song and I had decided that it was one of the better songs I had heard…

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