Burning Shed Updates Rather Seriously

A note from Burning Shed came this morning.  It looks like the site is rather seriously upgrading.  Frankly, I’ve found the current website excellent, and the service even more so.  Nice, however, to see the company getting better and better.

It’s our 16th birthday and we’re making a big change to celebrate.

Our new website is going live today and even though it might look quite similar to the old website it has lots of features which we hope will make life better for you (and for us!).

You will be able to:

* Create an account – save your name / address detail. For security reasons we won’t store your PayPal or credit card information.

* Everyone who creates an account will get a free, exclusive, download (more details to come)

* View your order history, check your order status and any tracking information

* Create a ‘Wish List’

* Gift Vouchers – send them to friends and family (or ask them to send one to you!)

* New shipping methods – choose either post or courier

* See recommendations for similar or related albums

* An expanded catalogue with advanced browse and search functions, including format and tags

Please note that any order you have placed on the old website is still active and will be shipped, but will not appear (for now) on your account in the new system

We might take longer to answer emails and ship orders over the next few days while we make sure everything is working properly.

Please bear with us over the next few days while we make sure everything is working properly.


Good luck and see you on the other side…

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