What shall be left of us?

Don’t miss the fine interview with Greg Spawton (GS) and David Longdon (DL) over at Stereo Embers.

Here’s a snippet, wherein they muse on the themes of the “Grimspound” title track:

DL: So much of today’s world is based in the digital realm that it is intriguing to think about what will be left of our times as hard archaeology. If that connection to the digital realm is somehow lost due to whatever will befall our species in the future, I don’t think that much physical matter will remain to tell our story. Impermanence is a concern. That is what this song is about.

GS: My background is in archaeology and history and it is interesting that many of our activities these days are ephemeral. Information is so easily shared and yet deeper knowledge and understanding doesn’t necessarily follow. One of the core themes on the album is a call for a return to the Enlightenment tradition. We seem to be getting slightly adrift from the humanist values which gave birth to modern society.

Well, as you may know, enlightened people do leave behind vinyl…


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