soundstreamsunday: “Pran Ka Mwen” by Lakou Mizik

kanaval2016-lino - EditedI will never know, I mean KNOW, what a lakou is, in the same way that a Haitian will.  It is a backyard, a coming together, a process, a form, a spirit.  It is a community and a memory of communities stretching back through time all the way to the only successful slave revolution in recorded history and beyond.  A summation and a celebration.  It’s also just a freakin’ party, where all the significance of what Lakou means ends up in the bottom of a bottle of rum.

Lakou Mizik built itself as an experiment of sorts, coming out of 2010’s Haiti earthquake with a purpose, to revisit traditional Haitian music and recast it for a world pop culture tied to YouTube, not radios.  In full disclosure I know this band, or they at least they know my house, as I hosted them for dinner (and yes, rum), a road-weary touring unit criss-crossing the states.  The songs they sang in my living room included this gem, a homebrew version of “Gaya,” a raveup with Michael Brun that otherwise looks like this:

Their lone LP Wa Di Yo is the ultimate lakou.  The beautiful “Pran Ka Mwen,” featuring vocalist Nadine Remy and Steeve Valcourt’s gorgeous guitar, and a chorus of cornets and percussion, is the gem in the goldmine (well, then there’s “Poze” …).  This is joy drawn from the ashes, as brave a get down as any I can think of.

“I came on earth to live in peace
Down here on earth, we are all one”

Lakou Mizik:

Lakou Mizik on bandcamp

Lakou Mizik on Amazon

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