Thank you, Racket Records

Photo on 5-30-17 at 1.27 PM
Happy Birzer.

As with most proggers, I love what I love to be overthetop.  And, I especially love overthetop excellence.  As such, I must offer a huge thanks to Simon of Marillion’s Racket Records.

Excellence, to be sure.

A few weeks ago, I ordered copies of FUGAZI, SEASON’S END, and HOLIDAYS IN EDEN from Racket Records.  While Racket mailed them immediately, the package arrived in Michigan without any CDs!  That’s right.  The package was totally empty.  Someone had removed the CDs.

Some lucky (and not so honest) Marillion postal worker out there?

When I contacted sales and help at Racket Records, Simon not only responded with a much needed laugh, but he sent me three new replacements.  They arrived this afternoon in perfect condition, making an already gorgeous spring day even better.

I imagine that Racket is tucked away somewhere in the northeastern part of the Shire, and I, living in Gondor, have just received a King’s Ransom of the Old Toby.

Thank you, Simon!

Yours, Brad


2 thoughts on “Thank you, Racket Records

  1. Michał

    Hehe, a good one!

    I received “We’re Here because We’re Here” without a CD once. Oh, and “Stupid Dream” with two DVDs but no CD.

    No problems with replacements in either case.



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