3 thoughts on “Yorke or Waters? Israel and Music.

  1. kruekutt

    I just know that I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of any debate between those two shy, retiring, non-at-all-opinionated characters.

    The main Rolling Stone stone article has some great insights on the making of OK Computer: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/exclusive-thom-yorke-and-radiohead-on-ok-computer-w484570

    So many influential albums have big anniversaries this month — Sgt. Pepper, The Joshua Tree, OK Computer, and there have to be more I can’t remember.


  2. carleolson

    Good for Thom. I might not agree with all of his political views (I do agree with him on this one), but at least he’s not a mindless groupthinker, unlike, it seems, a majority of musicians. Another example: the most recent issue of Downbeat magazine has an article about jazz musicians and “social justice”. Of course, that much-abused term is never defined; it’s simply assumed to be all about racism and various, mostly vague economic injustices. Almost all of the remarks are cliched, banal, and shallow in nature. It’s embarrassing.

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