Apex explained track-by-track! [UPDATED] @UnleashArchers @NapalmRecords

Recently I highlighted the excellence of Apex, the new heavy metal concept album from Unleash the Archers, and I supplied you with some links for reading about it.

For a detailed track-by-track explanation, here’s the band’s amazing vocalist, Brittney Slayes, taking you through the story.

How great is it that in the age of YouTube we get video supplements as liner notes?! Wow… enjoy… and remember to follow me to Apex

One thought on “Apex explained track-by-track! [UPDATED] @UnleashArchers @NapalmRecords

  1. Bryan Morey

    I’ve been watching these on youtube as they’ve come out, and it’s been a lot of fun seeing how normal Brittney is. Metal too often gets a bad rap for the way musicians behave, so it’s nice to see how chill most of them really are. She’s got a killer voice, too – perfect for metal.

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