Administrative Note for July-August 2017

I’m Andrew Jackson, and I do NOT approve of this message.

Dear Progarchists, readers, reviewers, and creators,

Just FYI, I (Brad) will be only intermittently reviewing and writing about prog over the next two months.  I’ve contracted to write (and complete!–the private sector actually wants results, as Dr. Stantz reminded us in Ghostbusters) a book-length manuscript on President Andrew Jackson.  All to the good, of course, but it means that I will be living the next two months in the 1830s.  Sadly, this was a violent time, and a time without the benefit of progressive rock.

I’ll do my best to connect the Jacksonians with the proggers.

Progarchy should continue without a hitch, but I do want folks to know that if they submit anything to me (Brad), it might take a bit for a response.

Please make sure you also contact one of the other editors if you need anything–but especially Chris (Time Lord:  Thank you!

Yours, BB

3 thoughts on “Administrative Note for July-August 2017

  1. Good Luck Sir-Brad,and may I quote Mr.Andrew Jackson himself,in saying “Take time to deliberate,but when the time for action arrives………..STOP thinking………and GO IN!!! ” Lol.



  2. carleolson

    Prior to both Progressive Era: the rotten one (c 1870-1930) and the good one (1970-current day)! Best wishes on the book project.



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