Big Big Train Release Free “London Song” EP

Big Big Train is awesome. Earlier today, the band announced they are giving away a compilation of all their London-related songs, appropriately titled “London Song.” Just click the “Buy Digital Album” button on the page linked below, enter 0.00 into the box, and enter your email. Click the link in the email they send you, and enjoy the free download by following the on-screen instructions.

Via the BBT Facebook page:

All of Big Big Train’s songs with a London theme have been brought together into a song cycle for a download only EP which has been released on the 28th July. As all of the individual pieces of music which make up London Song have been previously released, there is no cost for downloading the EP. An email address is required and email addresses will be included on the Big Big Train mailing list.

London Song (34:02):

(i) Turner on the Thames (Spawton)
(ii) London Plane (Spawton)
(iii) Lost Rivers of London (Spawton)
(iv) London Stone (Sjoblom / Manners)
(v) Skylon (Longdon / Spawton / Sjöblom)
(vi) Mudlarks (Spawton)

This band just keeps on giving!


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