The Year of Big Big Train: 2017

The third release of 2017 from Big Big Train.

Is it possible that this train is unstoppable?  I’m honestly not sure.  I am sure—absolutely certain—that I hope it never does.

If you don’t know yet (which is unlikely), Big Big Train has just released its third release of 2017.


Let me stress this again: un-freaking-beautifully-believable.

This past week, the English prog band proved once again why they lead the current revival of the genre, with the free (yes, free) release of a 34-minute EP, entitled simply “London Song.”  Yet, there’s nothing simple about the 34-minutes of music.  A combination of their various songs dealing with London, this “new” track comes with all kinds of surprises and segues worthy of Rush’s Xanadu.

What a thing of beauty.  If Grimspound, Second Brightest Star, and London Song have yet to convince you that there are things in this world worth preserving and cherishing, nothing will.

Since downloading it, I have listened to it almost exclusively.  The new Steven Wilson is kinda neat, but it’s nothing compared to the genius of London Song.  And, after all the inane debates this week on social media about vocals and politics, Big Big Train just does its own thing.  And, what a thing it is!



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