Happy 50th Birthday, Brad Birzer, Über-Progarchist!

bbirzer_1987Today is the birthday of Dr. Bradley Birzer, co-founder, lead editor, and driving force behind this little gem of a website. Happy Birthday, Brad!

Brad and I first met when I interviewed him about one of his many fine books (about Christopher Dawson, if I recall correctly), back in 2008. We quickly found out that we had much in common when it came to theology, philosophy, literature, and, yes, music. We began to share notes and thoughts about music, and eventually I suggested that we should consider putting together a site dedicated to any and all thoughts we had about music. The next day—the next day!—Brad sent me a link to Progarchy.com. Apparently he had stayed up most the night creating it. So when I think of Brad, these following descriptives come to mind: tireless, passionate, honest, brilliant, funny, self-effacing, joyful, and bursting with life.

I’m not sure of the exact date, but Brad created this site sometime in either late September or early October 2012. So we are now at the fifth anniversary. And anyone who pays attention to the site knows that Brad has been the heart and soul of what we do here. Thank you, Brad!

I hope Brad won’t mind, first, that I used one of his Facebook photos for this post: of the young Birzer in college thirty years ago. And, secondly, this playlist that he posted today:

Rush—Tom Sawyer
World Party—Is it Like Today?
XTC—Then She Appeared
Beethoven’s 6th
Kevin McCormick—Solearas
Matt Stevens—Into the Sea
Cosmograf—The Vacuum That I Fly Through
The Tangent—The Canterbury Sequence
Echo—The Killing Moon
Flower Kings—I Am the Sun
King Bathmat—Sentinel
Mew—Snow Brigade
Marillion—Ocean Cloud
Peter Gabriel—Rhythm of the Heat
Porcupine Tree—Time Flies

Happy Birthday, Über-Progarchist!

6 thoughts on “Happy 50th Birthday, Brad Birzer, Über-Progarchist!

  1. YAAAY!!! Wishing a MOST HAPPIEST of Birthdays to a BRILLIANT (and I DON’T care if You agree with me or NOT on this one Sir-Brad!!! LOL.) Man,who’s thoughts,ideas,philosophies,etc. are endless,regarding progressive-music!!!

    I too,forget the exact “year” that I first stumbled UPON this site,but the only name that STUCK OUT to me,was Professor Brad-Birzer!!! THAT name,stuck with me,as I kept seeing it each and everytime I came to this site,to read something new and even more interesting!!! Within this span of time,I’ve (dare I say it?) felt like Brad has become a “Friend” to me,from all the interesting bits of his,I’ve read here over the years!!! So Thank-You Brad,for helping “shape” the minds of those who we’re looking to change their way of thinking!!! Your a true inspiration for us all Sir-Brad!!! Happy 50th My Friend!!! 🙂

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