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Yes, I want to break into song.  I just recently rewatched THE SOUND OF MUSIC with my two oldest daughters.  I’d forgotten what a great joy the whole movie is, and how satisfying it is that the family outwitted the Nazis.  As their followers, the alt-nuts grow in audacity in America, I hope the descendants of Captain Von Trapp continue to thwart their efforts.

What does any of this have to do with Roie Avin’s latest book, Essential Modern Progressive Rock Albums: Images and Words Behind Prog’s Most Celebrated Albums, 1990-2016 (phew—what a title!!!) you ask?  Ok, a legitimate question.

However, I can answer it simply, if not somewhat goofily.

Books and prog?  Well, these are a few of my favorite things!  Imagine how great it is when there are books written about prog albums and prog albums written about books!  Heaven.  Pure, heaven.  Almost as good as dancing across the Alps with the family Von Trapp!

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The Ultimate Prog Super-Hero Team-Up?

From Big Big Train’s Facebook page:

We are delighted to announce that Robin Armstrong will be joining the live line-up of Big Big Train for our shows in 2018 and beyond.

Robin is a multi-instrumentalist and the leader of progressive rock band, Cosmograf. Nick, Rachel and Greg have played as guest musicians on Cosmograf albums and we are looking forward to performing with Robin at our shows at The Anvil in Basingstoke and at the Night of the Prog festival in Loreley, Germany.


Will the good Dr. Birzer’s head explode anticipating all the proggy goodness to come?

Tune in tomorrow … same prog-time … same prog-channel!


— Rick Krueger

New Gazpacho: SOYUZ

Image taken from the Burning Shed website.

Great news today from Burning Shed.  The forthcoming album from Gazpacho: SOYUZ is now available for pre-order.

I didn’t realize this would be coming so soon.  I’m in the middle of a retrospective of all of Gazpacho’s albums.  This, of course, will be coming to a progarchy website near you.

For now, though, pre-order SOYUZ.

And, now, to wait patiently. . . .


In Concert: The Heart of Marillion

Marillion at 20 Monroe Live, Grand Rapids, Michigan, February 18, 2018.

Waiting for Marillion to take the stage, my thoughts drifted to the rest of those gathering in this well-appointed concert club.  Why were they here?

Doubtless, there were locals who, when they heard Marillion was returning to Grand Rapids after 20+ years, anticipated pure nostalgia — “Kayleigh,” “Incommunicado,” “Hooks In You,” “No One Can,” fixtures of local rock radio in the early 1990s.  After all, why else would a band with no more than a cult following tour the States, if not to play the hits?

Then there were the hardcore fans, the ones I’d hung with in Facebook groups for a couple of years now.  People from GR, Kalamazoo, and Detroit who’ve traveled nationally and internationally to see the band since their last Michigan stops — some 30, 40 or more times.  The folks who converged on this mid-size Midwestern city from (for example): Bangor, Maine; Hillsboro, Oregon; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Baja, Mexico; and Stoke-on-Trent, England, telling stories of their first Marillion experiences, sometimes stretching back more than four decades.  Not to mention “The Nine,” as they named themselves, who’ve seen every show on the current US tour.   They all have their favorite songs — but they knew that much more was coming than a rote run-through of career high points.

And then there was me — a Marillion fan since Seasons End, but only on my fourth show (still way behind King Crimson and Rush), bringing my wife and two friends for their first experience of the band, ten minutes away from my house.  I couldn’t help but wonder: what connects us?  Why this band?  What’s at the heart of this experience?

mezz preshow

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Arrived at Progarchy HQ: Molesome Dial

Today, much to my surprise, a nice package arrived from Sweden.  And, to make it even better, inside, I found not just a beautiful new cd, but also a three-page handwritten note.

molesome dial
The CD.  Beautiful.  I’ll keep the three-page note to myself, though.

Now, that’s excellence!

Thank you, Mattias Olsson.  I’ve not listened to a single note yet, and I’m already your fan!

The Klug: On Mozart and Beethoven (TIC)

Did Beethoven steal tunes from his older contemporary for the “Eroica” Symphony, the Ninth Symphony, and for his most popular and beautiful song?… It is one of the most popular tunes in all of classical music, nay, in all of music, period. 1,085 more words

via Copying Mozart: Did Beethoven Steal Melodies for His Own Music? — The Imaginative Conservative

Marketing Marillion: More

With their USA tour winding down, Marillion have announced street dates for the rest of their 2018 limited edition live reissues through earMusic,  listed below with original years of release:

  • March 23: Unplugged at the Walls (1999) and Tumbling Down the Years (2010)
  • May 25:  Smoke and Mirrors (both 2006)
  • July 6: Happiness Is Cologne (2009) and Popular Music (2005)
  • September 21: Live in Glasgow (1993) and Brave Live (2013)

Merch copies of the “Limited USA Tour Edition” of FEAR (which includes a sampler of the live reissues) sold out at Marillion’s recent Grand Rapids show, but it’s still available from Amazon at this writing.

Other confirmed upcoming releases include:

  • March 9: Brave Deluxe Edition
  • Spring: Live at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Fall: Marillion Weekend 2017: Chile
  • ??? (nope, can’t say any more …)

Finally, watch this space for a review of that Grand Rapids show, coming soon!


— Rick Krueger