SNOW Live–Spock’s Beard

Snow Live

Though Neal Morse’s Radiant Records has become much less friendly (at least to reviewers) over the last year or so, I’m still rather excited about this release.

SNOW has been a masterpiece of prog since it first came out 15 years ago.  I’m still kicking myself for not purchasing the deluxe package of Marillion’s last album, so I’m not going to make that mistake for this one.

And, I’ll not so quietly wish that Neal Morse and Radiant become more responsive to their fans in the not so distant future.

To order, go here:

One thought on “SNOW Live–Spock’s Beard

  1. kruekutt

    Thanks for the handy reminder. Looking forward to this as well. Though I’ve moved in the opposite direction with audio/video packages: I’ve noticed I don’t usually listen to the CDs, so I’m buying the Blu Ray/DVD versions more, instead of the super-deluxe packages. Oddly though, I’ll buy CD box sets that have an audio Blu Ray. So much for consistency!



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