Red Bazar Release Live Video of “City and the Stars”

More people need to be listening to Red Bazar. Peter Jones’ outstanding voice and brilliant lyrics have taken the band into the stratosphere artistically. Absolutely astounding. This is what cultural commentary should look like. Some fantastic guitar work here too. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Red Bazar Release Live Video of “City and the Stars”

  1. WOW Bryan……………..just……………WOW,is all I can say about that INCREDIBLY AMAZING SONG I just listened to!!! In all honesty………….I did NOT EXPECT MUCH when I first hit “play” on this video,but MAN…….as the song slowly “grew”……..and more parts of it,became apparent,and Peter’s voice throughout it all,just AMAZES and AFFIXES You!!! I KID You not,if I didn’t know any better,I’d SWEAR this song was recorded live back in the year 1984!!! Due to it’s AWESOME “Proggyness,and Peter’s AWESOME keyboard sound on this one!!! This song has it all. Excellent Harmonies,a “THUD” like bassline……….a VERY “jazz-like” drum-rhythm and man,that guitar is just phenomenal!!! I could listen to that all night long!!! Awesome Video Bryan!!! Well done Sir!!! 🙂

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