Meet Me at the Mead Hall

The Joyful Surprise

Meet me at the mead hall in winter
(Set the world to right)
With songs, science and stories
(Hold back the fading light)
Artists and dreamers and thinkers
(Right here by your side)
Finding truth in those travellers’ tales
(On this brief flight of life)

Here with science and art
And beauty and music
And friendship and love
You will find us
The best of what we are
The poets and painters
And writers and dreamers

“A Mead Hall in Winter” from the CD “Grimspound”

Music by Rikard Sjöblom and David Longdon
Words by Greg Spawton

“A Mead Hall in Winter” is a song from Big Big Train’s “Grimspound” album released earlier this year.  A reference to St. Bede’s analogy of a man’s life to a sparrow’s brief flight through a feasting hall, the song pays tribute to the age of Enlightenment that the band fears we are losing sight of.  As…

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