RTFact Life Is Good. A Review


RTFact are a new project headed by Yuri Voladarsky, a composer originally from Russia. The band consists of Russian and American musicians with a few special guests thrown in for good measure.  It is an interesting album.  It takes in a lot of styles and influences. There is a lot of Hammond B3 organ on it so the ELP reference is always going to be there but ELP orchestral styles also pop up on the album. There are numerous Gentle Giant influences along with King Crimson, but there is also some hard rock, some jazz, some funk, prog and classical orchestral. It replicates the 70’s era rock scene very nicely. Personally it reminded me of a band called If and their album Tea Break Over Back On Yer Heads. By the end of the album you have listened to a cornucopia of styles and influences and herein lies the problem. Who is this album aimed at?  Yes, its mainly the prog fan but if you only heard the track Money In My Pocket with its rock and funk groove and bought the album you would be a little surprised to hear the classical workings of Gotika. Disney anyone? Hail To The Winner will satisfy.

This really is an album of something for everyone and as long as you realise that then there is a lot to enjoy. The musicians on the album are fabulous players and create a large and expansive sound. The recording and production is crisp and clear. It needs to be. There is a lot going on. Jeff Scott Soto provides vocals on the title track which is instrumental apart from a Spock’s Beard type vocal interplay. He also sings the aforementioned Money In My Pocket with Nad Sylvan. Will Champlin provides the rest of the vocals . The other musicians are Oz Noy – solo guitar, Jeff Kollman – solo guitar,Rafael Moreira – guitar, Josh Smith – guitar, Gary Meek – flute, sax, Edward Tsiselsky – keyboards, Dmitry Ilugdin – synthesizers,  Eugene Sharikov – bass and Joel Taylor – drums. I did wonder why Yuri didn’t play on the album and sent a message to their Facebook page but they never came back to me.

I like this record. Its quirky. Its fun and its certainly over the top but there is nothing wrong with that. Get out your seventies flares and play this loud.

It is available here. https://rtfact.bandcamp.com/album/life-is-good




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