Review: Obiymy Doschu – Son


Ukrainian Progressive Rock six-piece Obiymy Doschu have just put out their new release titled “Son” (Ukrainian for ‘dream’). The first thing that is quite obvious is that the band sing in Ukrainian, and I would say that it makes the difference indeed.

As Progressive as Progressive Rock can be, long lingering guitar solos with chords that stretch past the count of an individual musical bar blends with softly played keyboards and piano, and beautiful vocals are earnest, and in top form. The music of “Son” is hauntingly beautiful, moving, strange, and cosmic. Fans of Nosound, Lunatic Soul, Gazpacho, Sylvan, No-Man and Blackfield will want to add this release to their collections.

Obiymy Doschu - Son

What an extraordinary collection of music this is. From the atmospheric symphonic intro of the opening track “Ostannya Myt’,” to the gorgeous acoustic guitars of the gentle, “Razom,” to the supernatural, eerie, dreamlike sequence of “Son,” the listener is transfixed, almost as if staring into the darkest regions of outer space. What Prog Rock is, Obiymy Doschu does it perfectly, and this release is proof. The longer this CD plays, the more real the music becomes, and it quickly becomes clear that the members of the band have some supreme talent in composing music that is moody, atmospheric, layered and intensely technical. Each track takes the listener on a voyage, of sight, sound and sensations. String and woodwind instruments, as well as choir, are used to their fullest potential to create that sound that is neo-classical, while the drumslay a steady backbeat, but a closer listen reveals syncopated rhythms.

“Son” is just downright amazing. Listen to the title track that when hearing it, one will feel as if they are suspended somewhere between a dream and reality. Close your eyes when hearing this song, and as the song fades into black, you will be left with emotions that don’t come to often when hearing music – breathless, spent, and moved. The title track in parts is soft, in others loud, at others heavy, while music that is bizarre but passionate as hell plays havoc with your sense of what is real and what is made up.

Again, this was downright marvelous. The mixing, courtesy of Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief), is incredible, the sound astonishing, with every note crystal clear. The vocals are audible and easily understood. The lyrics make sense (no, I don’t speak Ukrainian, but the band took care of it), and the musicianship was breathtaking. Not a bad track to be heard, no “fillers” to have to worry will come along and ruin the progression of sensations that are felt during this CD’s playing time. For lovers of the intense, the heartfelt, the reflective, and the sincere type of Progressive Rock that Obiymy Doschu plays – and plays so perfectly – this is a must have.

Visit Obiymy Doschu’s official website for more information.

2 thoughts on “Review: Obiymy Doschu – Son

  1. Raimond Jongeneel

    this band should be heard by everyone who loves melodic progessive rock. the whole album is great from beginning to the end. listen to the album with headphones on then you get an even better experience, By the way.the first album elehia is also a fantastic album. Iam from the netherlands and the lyrics in the ukraine language doesn`t bother me – to me it fits with the music . I do hope for some new albums in the future. keep it up Obiymy Doschu



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