Sound of Contact Drama Continues

I loved Sound of Contact’s first album, but this band seems to be surrounded by some sort of unknown drama. Simon Collins (son of the mighty Phil) and Kelly Nordtrom both announced that they have left the band. Since Simon was both drummer and vocalist, it really isn’t Sound of Contact without him (there’s no way they have another drummer that happens to sound exactly like him). This is certainly a very strange turn of events, especially considering Dave Kerzner left the band and rejoined a few years ago.

More over at the good folks at Prog mag:


3 thoughts on “Sound of Contact Drama Continues

    1. You said it, Brad.

      In retrospect, the SoC album primarily alerted us all to how amazing Dave Kerzner is.

      My reaction to this news is kind of: “Who cares, as long as Dave Kerzner keeps making albums!”


    2. Bryan Morey

      That’s a really good point, Brad. When Kerzner originally left, I remember thinking that it wasn’t Sound of Contact without him. I really like Collins’ voice, and I find that is one of the main things that keeps me coming back to SoC. It just won’t be the same without him, and I imagine Kerzner will pursue his solo work instead.



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