Schubert (From TIC)

In terms of his achievement there is only one other composer to whom Franz Schubert can be compared: Mozart. Perhaps not as precocious as Mozart, Schubert was nonetheless already an accomplished composer as a teenager. In his brief thirty-one years, he created a life’s work of more than one thousand compositions, which include sublime masterpieces…

via Franz Schubert’s Music of Paradise Lost — The Imaginative Conservative

2 thoughts on “Schubert (From TIC)

  1. kruekutt

    You’ve got me headed toward my shelf of Schubert lieder. Must … resist …

    If any Progarchists can, they should really head to Ann Arbor this Sunday to hear Ian Bostridge sing Schubert’s Winterreise. Hearing him sing live 10+ years ago was utterly engrossing:

    Failing that:

    Or, if you just want a teaser, this song was featured in last week’s episode of VIctoria on Masterpiece. Ian sings it much better than Jenna Coleman:



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