The Traffic of Gazpacho

Dream Gerrard

Purely by chance (if such a thing as chance exists), Fidelia played Traffic’s “Dream Gerrard” from WHEN THE EAGLE FLIES, then Gazpacho’s “Vera” from LONDON.

From such “chances” emerge the stuff of dreams.

What hit me hard–in fact, for the first time–is how similar the style of the two bands is.

Separated by decades as well as countries of origin, Traffic’s epic “Dream Gerrard” blended stunningly into Gazpacho’s “Vera.”  Same style of bass, keyboard swells, and atmospherics.


2 thoughts on “The Traffic of Gazpacho

  1. Broos Bakker

    Time to get my vinyl album of When The Eagles Fly from the shelf and relisten to this album after more then 35 years. It must be in the early 80’s when if for the last time listen to this album.

    When i searched for the Traffic album in my shelf, i (re)discovered many more albums i more then 35/40 years ago for the last time listened to;
    David Bedford – Stars End
    Camel – Moonmadness
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer- Pictures at an Exhibition
    Steven Hackett- Spectral Morning
    and many more.

    Looks i have to make some time for a few Vinyl listening evenings soon.

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