Marketing Marillion: More

With their USA tour winding down, Marillion have announced street dates for the rest of their 2018 limited edition live reissues through earMusic,  listed below with original years of release:

  • March 23: Unplugged at the Walls (1999) and Tumbling Down the Years (2010)
  • May 25:  Smoke and Mirrors (both 2006)
  • July 6: Happiness Is Cologne (2009) and Popular Music (2005)
  • September 21: Live in Glasgow (1993) and Brave Live (2013)

Merch copies of the “Limited USA Tour Edition” of FEAR (which includes a sampler of the live reissues) sold out at Marillion’s recent Grand Rapids show, but it’s still available from Amazon at this writing.

Other confirmed upcoming releases include:

  • March 9: Brave Deluxe Edition
  • Spring: Live at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Fall: Marillion Weekend 2017: Chile
  • ??? (nope, can’t say any more …)

Finally, watch this space for a review of that Grand Rapids show, coming soon!


— Rick Krueger

2 thoughts on “Marketing Marillion: More

    1. kruekutt

      They’re basically repackages into digipaks without further upgrades — no remixing/remastering or new liner notes involved. The only new thing is the limited edition numbers on the back covers. (Mine are 3448 for Size Matters & 3754 for Holidays in Eden Live.) 5 of the 10 are currently out of print on CD; if Marillion got earMusic to spring for manufacturing costs, it’s an easy way of getting them back into circulation. But not essential for previous hard core collectors by any means. I had none of ’em (although I have the BluRays for Holidays and Brave Live), so they’re worth it for me.

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