Chris Cornell/Johnny Cash song released: “You Never Knew My Mind”

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This May will mark a year since Cornell took his life after a Soundgarden show in Detroit; now there is a new song from the late, legendary singer. Titled “You Never Knew My Mind,” it is the first single from a tribute album—Forever Words—to Johnny Cash. Each of the songs (other artists include Elvis Costello, Jewel, Rosanne Cash, Brad Paisley) features words from poems and lyrics by Cash set to new music. Here is Cornell’s song:

And here is video of Cornell recording the song and talking about his deep admiration for Cash.

The admiration was mutual, as Cash, in 1996, recorded a fabulous cover of Soundgarden’s powerful 1991 song “Rusty Cage”:

When I saw Cornell in concert here in Eugene, Oregon, in the summer of 2016, Cornell sang “Rusty Cage” in the same galloping, country-fied style as Cash, in homage.

One thought on “Chris Cornell/Johnny Cash song released: “You Never Knew My Mind”

  1. Wow,was that Tom Petty playing guitar,alongside Johnny Cash in that video “Rusted Cage”??? If SO………it’s sort of “eerie” how Johnny,Tom,and Chris………have all met their end!?!?

    Anyway……….Thanks for posting this one carleolson!!!



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