Review: Choral Hearse – Mire Exhumed

ChoralHearse bandphoto72

Here comes an album that really surprised me. Choral Hearse is a Berlin-based all-female four-piece who are having their debut full-length album “Mire Exhumed” released on April 16th. The group creates what they call Progressive Doom Metal, which is then impeccably mashed with Experimental Rock and Folk elements.

The album flows seamlessly from track to track, carrying the listener through dark and disturbing soundscapes. The opener, “Chronic Departure,” acts as the perfect overture to the album, opening with a very simple, ominous melody, then carrying that melody through a consistent, driving beat with singer Liaam Iman’s haunting vocals adding the third layer. In many ways, this track takes the primal beats, presents them to the listener, and then shows the ways in which they have been altered and developed to produce this record.


A standout track on “Mire Exhumed” is difficult to pick, but “Elucidated” stands out to me as one of the most challenging and stunning pieces of the album. It lacks any kind of driving percussion, yet manages to draw the listener through a lush pool of sound.

The natural aesthetic is very present throughout “Mire Exhumed.” As the songs come and go, it can easily be noticed that the quartet expands sonically. It’s an exploration of ways to mix the refined nature of instruments with the primal heartbeat rhythms that the band seems to be so fond of. It will be interesting to see where Choral Hearse take their sound next in its development.

Pre order the album from Bandcamp, and follow Choral Hearse on Facebook.

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