KIM WILDE’s new single ‘Kandy Krush’

The Rockin' Chair

Following the declaration of intent of lead single ‘Pop Don’t Stop’ Kim Wilde releases the thrill ride of raucous second single ‘Kandy Krush’.

‘Pop Don’t Stop’ was playlisted on BBC Radio 2, declared “a huge pop anthem” by the Express and a “pop wrecking ball that’s about to smash its way through your brain” by Popjustice and included the prescient lyrics “The seasons come and go again and what was old is new again.”

Kim Wilde’s return to recording isn’t a comeback, but it does mark a fresh start in the iconic singer’s extraordinary career. Proud of her past, but focused on the future, Kim has never stopped singing or selling out tours – she has played more shows in the past decade than ever before, finding fans in countries she never dreamed she’d visit and turning new generations on to her songs – such huge hits as…

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One thought on “KIM WILDE’s new single ‘Kandy Krush’

  1. kruekutt

    I vividly remember dancing to “Kids in America” in an Aberdeen (yeah, the one in Scotland) disco during a college choir tour of the UK. I think the consensus among us American “don’t call us kids” was that it was hilariously campy and cheesy — but fun to dance to. Looking back, there was definitely more to that song — brilliant pop with a bit of a bite we didn’t want to acknowledge.



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