Pledgemusic Issues Yet Another Apology for Yes screwup

This came from Pledgemusic this morning–definitely not the first from the crowd-sourcing effort.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 10.48.35 AM


To all fans of YES,

Following on from yesterday’s incorrect assurances from PledgeMusic to customers that the Fly From Here – Return Trip download issues were fixed, we are now very aware this is not the case. Whilst we are confident the flac files are working correctly, we are aware our third attempt at delivering MP3 files still contains errors, namely within track 5 ‘Fly From Here Pt. IV – Bumpy Ride’. The error here lies solely with PledgeMusic, our ingestion of the files provided to us by YES, and our subsequent digital delivery to you, the fans. We apologise unreservedly to all fans of YES, to the band, and all who work with them. We have fallen short of our own standards in delivering content to paying fans and customers. Please direct any and all frustrations with this situation to PledgeMusic, rather than YES, who are an innocent party in this situation.

As it stands, we still do not have an immediate fix for these MP3s, but we have people working constantly to rectify the situation. Any customer who wishes to claim a refund is absolutely entitled to do so and we would ask you contact Customer Services via the site or to email

The Fly From Here – Return Trip CDs have now landed in our warehouse and we have instructed our Fulfilment team to dispatch these as quickly as possible, with shipping beginning today. There are no technical problems with the audio on the CD edition.

Once again, everyone at PledgeMusic apologises for the repeated failed attempts at delivering the MP3 downloads you purchased.



I’m willing to give Pledgemusic the benefit of the doubt, but it’s given nothing but words. Certainly, it’s done nothing to placate those of us who pre-ordered.  Many of the comments to this on the site are just brutal.  Not unjust, but definitely brutal.


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