Rush, CARESS OF STEEL (Drew’s Reviews)

After all these years… (Cue the deep throated voice.) Actually don’t. Last year, sometime, I received the somewhat infamous Rush album Caress Of Steel reissued on vinyl. You know that expensive reissue on 200 gram virgin vinyl. Though long ago purchased on CD, cassette and vinyl the new record was meant to fill out the […]

via Album Review: Rush – Caress of Steel (Vinyl) — Drew’s Reviews

3 thoughts on “Rush, CARESS OF STEEL (Drew’s Reviews)

  1. It always sort of grinds my gears when those who call themselves “dedicated” Rush-fans,start knocking Caress-of-Steel!!! Frankly……when I first started listening to RUSH in the early to mid 80’s,this album was the 3rd or 4th album I encountered from their album-catalog,that I sat and listened to the whole thing,being quite pleasantly surprised by it’s unique-direction.

    Since that first listen of mine back in the 80’s……..the song “I think I’m going bald” had ALWAYS been a secret “favorite” of mine and SO WISH they had chosen to play that one ALOT MORE than they ever did,cuz frankly,I think it’s just a cool-ass song and has a cool “classic-rock” vibe to it even to this day!!! Had they chosen to do that one on their R40 tour,I would’ve LOVED THAT,and most likely,would’ve left THOUSANDS in the audience,looking at each other,wondering “WTH is THIS one? ” LOL. ~Peace~

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  2. Agreed entirely Brad!!! I hope my comment in no way,made the reader,feel like I was against his review of this album!!! Lol. Quite the opposite as a matter of fact!!! For I KNOW I’m one of few,that when they think of Rush’s “Greatest” albums/songs ever made,that Caress-of-Steel is sadly the furthest thing from their minds!!!

    All I was saying in my rhetoric,was that in almost every conversation (either in person or online) I’ve encountered,the large majority of people,immediately choose to CUT-UP the quality of this album!!! Maybe due to their ignorance of not wanting to give something that doesn’t immediately make your body start to snap your fingers or clap your hands,the cold-shoulder think that a few minutes of listening to one certain-track,makes the listener think the whole album is unworthy!!!

    Anyway,my point being,is that Yes………..the majority of what Drew had to say about this album,I would in NO WAY………argue with,and wouldn’t try to find a reason to!!! As it’s well-written and speaks from how he feels regarding it………….and isn’t that,what a “review” is anyway? Lol. Thanks Brad!!! 😉



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