In the Passing Light of Day

So, Pain of Salvation makes a grand return to their metal roots — album does manage to pack more than adequate amounts of dissonance and melody. ‘The Beatles’ like undercurrents still remain intact. In short, along with caustic riffs and coarse vocals, we get more than subtle glimpses of blues rock — vividly expressed through the same old characteristic Pain of Salvation torment.

Drums run a tad out of phase with hardcore punk like riffs — effortlessly blending into those matching vocal screams — add those precise temporal switches and the rare combination of aggression with progressive metal harmony is complete.

Heavy and mellow – discordant and melodic – In the Passing Light of Day integrates not just sonic contradictions, but emotions uncomfortably fragile for heavy metal – “You’re watching me slowly slip away, Like the passing light of day, Watching our colors turning grey, Like the passing light of day”

Rated 5/5 – for that unparalleled experience.


Image Attribution:
By Selbymay [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “In the Passing Light of Day

  1. Broos Bakker

    My album of the year 2017.

    If you are interested in this album i would recommend the special 2cd mediabook edition with expanded 48-pages booklet. Great background info about concept and the making of this album with great photos etc. and also a bonuscd with band commentary.

    One of the most emotional albums of all times.

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  2. I got really obsessed with this album after this recommendation. So thanks!

    It is raw and emotional; strong start to finish even if a few songs feel out of place (like the…I guess you would call it a cover … of “Meaningless”). The riffs and compositions feel more modern and approachable, less experimental and psychedelic than when I try to revisit some older PoS albums.

    Totally overlooked as a big, important album in 2017 IMHO from other progressive and metal outlets.

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