Ancient Empire, “Eternal Soldier”

Not only can you now hear “The Fifth Column,” the eight and final track on the forthcoming album Eternal Soldier (July 27, 2018), but you can now also watch and listen to the first killer track which shares the same title as the album itself: “Eternal Soldier.”

In other good news, I hear that Ancient Empire’s first album When Empires Fall (2013)(currently my abstractly top-ranked favorite, but of course I love whichever one I am listening to in the moment) will be getting a re-release with an extra bonus track.

This is fantastic, because the CDs are all sold out and I don’t own a copy. Yet I have to! It is one of the best metal albums I have ever heard, with upper-echelon, truly supreme tracks like “Shadow of the Cross,” “Wings of Steel,” “Ancient Empire,” and “When Empires Fall.”


Music fans of a certain age will have the listening experience to understand why these connoisseurs of classic heavy metal are serving up some of the best metal you will ever hear — because these dudes have that same life experience, as well as the metal chops to deliver the goods!



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