Big Big Train Swan Hunter News

Big Big Train by Simon Hogg
Big Big Train, photo by Simon Hogg.

SWAN HUNTER by Big Big Train

Three times Progressive Music Award winning band, Big Big Train, will be releasing the Swan Hunter single on 13thJuly 2018.

Swan Hunter is an elegy for the shipbuilding communities of the north-east.

Vocalist David Longdon says:

Imagine being a child who grew up within this community, seeing these huge vessels grow daily until their launch. Imagine the relentless sound of machinery and construction workers. Your father most likely would have worked there and probably his father before him. It must have been almost impossible back then to imagine a time when this way of life would come to an end. This is what you knew and it defined you.

The single release features a remix of the studio album version and a live performance of Swan Hunter, alongside two previously unreleased tracks.

Swan Hunter is available on CD, download and streaming from 13thJuly.


Big Big Train Live:

Big Big Train will be playing at The Anvil, Basingstoke, England on 11thJuly and at Loreley, Night of the Prog festival, Germany, on 13thJuly.


Press and radio comments:

‘Big Big Train have revisited the sound world of early Genesis and Yes and have managed to create music with great emotional clout’ John Bungey, THE TIMES

‘They make beautiful, pastoral quintessentially English music: their name is Big Big Train’Bob Harris, BBC Radio Two

‘Beautifully understated yet consistently enthralling, Big Big Train wield pathos and poignancy with elegance and relish, amidst a musical backdrop that is as vivid as it is finessed’ Dom Lawson, PROG magazine




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